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2.04.01 Product description

Ѕ"-CCD IT-DVCAM digital single-piece Camcorder using exchangeable lenses (1/2"-bayonet mount). The DSR-370P comes in 3 versions:

  • DSR-370PL: Camcorder Package without zoom-lens
  • DSR-370PK1: Camcorder Package with VCL-719BX Zoom Lens (Canon 19X Zoom Lens w/o Extender)
  • DSR-370PK2: Camcorder Package with VCL-716BX Zoom Lens (Fujinon 16X Zoom Lens w/o Extender)

The DSR-370P can be use as a standalone camcorder and as in studio configuration if it is connected to the CCU-M5AP


Supplied Accessories

  • Camcorder
  • 1.5"-B/W-Viewfinder (DXF-801) including mic-holder
  • Microphone
  • VCT-U14 tripod mount plate
  • RM-LG1 remote control unit
  • Shoulder strap
  • Operation manual

DSR-370PK1: includes VCL-719BX Zoom Lens

DSR-370PK2: includes VCL-716BX Zoom Lens



  • Zoom ratio: 19 : 1
  • Focal length: 6.7mm to 127mm
  • Focus area: ? to 0.9 m
  • Zoom control: servo/manual switchable
  • Zoom operation time: approx. 2.1 sec
  • Iris control: servo/manual switchable,
  • Iris range: F1.4 to 16,
  • Close Iris operation time: 1.4 sec
  • Image format: 6.4 x 4.8 (8mm)
  • Filter screw thread: ш 82mm, pitch 0.75
  • Maximum relative aperture: F1.4 (6.7 to 89mm) to F2.0 (120mm)
  • Minimum object distance: Wide : 772 x 579mm, Tele : 42 x 32mm
  • Mount type: Sony 1/2” Bayonet mount
  • Connector: hot shoe (7-pin x 2)
  • Weight: 1.45kg (including lens hood)
  • Dimensions: 139.8(w) x 99.5 (h) x 218.9 (d) mm including objections
  • Supplier : Canon, identical to YH19x6.7KRS type
  • Zoom ratio: 16 : 1
  • Focal length: 7.3mm to 117mm
  • Focus area: ? to 1 m
  • Zoom control: servo/manual switchable
  • Zoom operation time: approx. 2.8 sec
  • Iris control: servo/manual switchable,
  • Iris range: F1.9 to 16,
  • Close Iris operation time: approx. 1.5 sec /
  • Full travel Image format: 6.4 x 4.8 mm (8.0mm)
  • Filter screw thread: ш 82mm, pitch 0.75
  • Maximum relative aperture: F1.9 (7.3 to 98mm) to F2.3 (117mm)
  • Minimum object distance: Wide : 823 x 617mm, Tele : 51 x 39mm
  • Mount type: Sony 1/2” Bayonet mount
  • Connector: hot shoe (7-pin x 2)
  • Weight: 1.2kg (including lens hood)
  • Dimensions: 123 (w) x 102 (h) x 205(d) mm including objections
  • Supplier : Fujinon


2.04.02 Customer profile

  • Corporate Market
  • School and Education
  • Broadcast / ENG (low budget productions)
  • Low cost studio operation


2.04.03 User benefit table


Benefit for the customer

Exchangeable Zoom-Lens with Hot Shoe Connector
  • Wide choice of various lens types (1/2"-bayonett mount)
  • Professional operation (manual iris-,zoom- and focus settings)
Newly developed Ѕ"-IT-Power HAD CCDs The DSR-370P models incorporate three 1/2-inch Power HAD IT CCDs to assure highest picture performance:
  • 795H x 596V (480,000 pixels in total)
  • 752H x 582V (440,000 pixels effective)
  • Almost unperceivable V-Smear (-120dB)
  • High signal-to-noise ratio (60 dB typical)
Full DSP

(Digital Signal Processing)

Advanced full DSP for high signal stability and superb picture performance under all lighting conditions. DSP integrates many new exclusive features which enhance the picture quality and improve the operation of the camcorder:
  • TruEye™ Signal Processing (for natural contrast reproduction even under extreme lighting conditions)
  • DynaLatitude™ Function
  • Skin Tone DTL function
  • Black-Stretch/-Compress Function
  • Easy to use menu function
  • Camera setup files (factory preset and customizable files)
  • Hyper Gain Switch (+36 dB)
High resolution 1.5" B&W viewfinder (DXF-801) For exact focusing and picture control. DXF-801 includes many new features:
  • VF-Light LED to light up the focus&iris ring of the zoom lens (high/low/off switchable)
  • 3 Tally lamp levels switchable (high/low/off)
  • vertical and horizontal DTL-peaking, adjustable by potentiometer
  • TAKE tally lamp for ClipLink function
Scene file storage
  • The DSR-370 has a new function of scene file storage equivalent to one available on DSR-570WSP and DSR-135P. Settings of the camera can be stored in customer settings area and can also be stored on a DVCAM cassette, this solution is much more economic than using a specific memory
26-pin CCU control capability
  • Via the 26-pin CCU-M5AP can be connected to provide studio operation capability. For extended flexibility, the RM-M7G can be connected to the DSR-370. The distance between the CCU and the DSR can be as much as 300m !!
  • The 26-pin connector can also be used to connect to an external VTR to perform backup or parallel recording
Low Power Consumption
  • DSR-370P features only 21W power consumption, thus a BP-L90A battery can feed the camcorder for about 290 minutes (!)
Compact & Lightweight
  • the DSR-370P is very compact and fits perfectly on the shoulder.
  • the weight balance is optimized to support long-term shoulder shooting
  • the camcorder only weights 6.0 kg (operational weight incl. lens, tape and BP-L40A battery) so that long-term shoulder operation is possible
DynaFit™ Shoulder Pad
  • The DynaFit™ shoulder pad allows hours of operation without painful pressure points as common with conventional harder shoulder pad types.
Video Light Connector
  • Optional light equipment can be connected directly to the camcorder and powered from the video light connector. The light can be synchronized with the VTR Start/Stop switch or switched manually on/off.
Electronic Color Temperature Adjustment
  • DSR-370P allows to switch the color temperature electronically (via menu). Thus, the 5600K optical filter does not need to be employed (saves 2/3 f-stop of sensitivity under daylight conditions).
  • adjustment of color temperature over a very wide range to achieve artistic painting effects or/and to influence the overall color reproduction
Jog Dial Menu Control simplified menu operation esp. under timecritical ENG production applications
DVCAM Recording
  • all the DVCAM Format benefits (*)
  • Reliability Vs Consumer DV format
  • long recording time (184 min) using PDV184ME DVCAM-tape
ClipLink System
  • DSR-370P records ClipLink Data while shooting
  • In combination with many non linear systems, such as EditStation, Purple, … this information is forwarded from acquisition to editing and thus enhances productivity and operating efficiency
ClipLink Remote Control


  • RM-LG1 was specifically designed to remote control the ClipLink function:
    - MARK / CUE / NG indication can be operated remotely from the camcorder
Freeze Mix Function
  • This function superimposes a previously recorded image on the viewfinder, allowing the operator to easily frame or repositions a subject when a shot must be taken in the same framework as the previous one.
Edit-Search Function
  • Function to quickly access to edit points
Setup Log Function
  • Automatic recording of camera setting data for each shot onto the VAUX portion of a DVCAM tape
  • After the shots you can still now all information such as : What Iris value, gain, filter, etc… value you used
Professional Audio Features
  • 48 KHz / 32 kHz recording with 16-bit quantization
  • 2 XLR inputs are switchable :
  • Line Input
  • Mic Input
  • Attenuated Mic Input
  • AGC (automatic gain control) or manual adjustment
Time Code Settings

(Rec run and Free run)

  • Possibility to control the Time Code and set the
    exact requested value
i.Link output
  • 6-pin iLink interface to output the digital video/audio signal
  • enables back-up recording on portable DVCAM VTRs (with iLink interface)
  • iLink interface supports control signals (cut-editing possible with DSR-370P)
Analogue Composite Input (option)
  • Composite signal input via DSBK-501 (plug-in board). Camcorder can record external source material on location via BNC-connector.


      1. CCU Operations

DSR-570WSP and DSR-370P have a VTR / CCU 26-pin connector so that it can directly control of the mutlicore CCU, CCU-M5A without camera adapter.

Maximum transmission distance will be depending on system configurations.

Please see the chart below.



Video light

Transmission distance







300 m



No use

300 m


150 m


  1. The video light should be under 30W such as Ultra light 25W from Anton Bauer, PAG light 20W from PAG etc.
  2. GENLOCK distance is max.150m.
  3. When the camcorder is controlled from CCU, remote controller at camcorder side connected to Remote 1 or Remote 2 cannot be used at the same time.
  4. While in CCU operation mode and battery pack is mounted on the camcorder, power will be supplied from battery side automatically.
  5. The camcorder power switch should be turned off when the power supply is changed from CCU to other power supply equipment. Or it may hang up and need to re-start.


2.04.06 Partners and useful accessories


  • Useful part to connect DXF-51 to DSR-370P / 570WSP : A-8274-968-B
  • If customer wants to connect old DXF-41 then: it will need 20/26pin kit, reference is 1-782-352-11. Remove the 8/26pin cable and replace by the 20/26 pin cable In case you lose the 8/26 (supplied with the DXF-41) 1-782-353-11

2.04.07 Other information and new features

Intercom Adapter CA-370

The current DSR-300A/500WS does not have intercom capability, but newly introduced Intercom adapter CA-370 as an optional accessory is to support the studio system with CCU-M5A/P. The CA-370 can connect a DR-100 headset and has an audio volume control. In addition, it has a V-shoe mount so that smart dock to the camcorder is realized.

External VTR control & monitoring via i.Link connector

DSR-370/570WS series have a VTR TRIGGER MODE setting to control internal and external VTR operation change capability. When VTR TRIGGER MODE is selected as “INTERNAL”, then the camcorder can be controlled from an external VTR via i.Link. So DSR-370/570WS series can be operated as a feeder in simple editing.

When the VTR TRIGGER MODE is selected as “EXTERNAL” or “PARALLEL”, then they can control Recording or Recording Pause mode of an external VTR with VTR START/STOP switch via i.Link. (these functions are same as DSR-300A/500WS.)

In addition, it is capable to check the external i.Link VTR playback video on DSR viewfinder screen when DSR-370/570WS’s internal VTR status is “CASSETTE OUT”.

It is only for monitoring and cannot be recorded to DSR-370/570WS from external i.Link VTR.

New Ni-MH New battery attachable

The new Ni-MH battery BP-M50 and BP-M100 can be used with DSR-370/570WS by V-shoe mount. The battery remaining indication on the camcorder is set as “Auto” as a factory preset. So, the battery type is automatically recognized when Ni-MH battery is used and indicated as “nI-H” on VTR menu window.

Flexible setting of safety zone maker

In order to support variety of video aspect ratio, safety zone marker can be selected from Advanced menu as follows:


OFF, 13:9, 14:9, 15:9, 16:9

Common Setup File for DSR-570WSP and DSR-370P

Setup file for shooting condition memory function, is also provided for DSR-370P and for DSR-570WSP as well. It can select one of 5 factory preset files (standard, high saturation, fluorescent light, film-like and S-VHS/VHS condition setting) and 3 user files.

Most Important it implement the SetupNavi™ function allowing to store all the information on a DVCAM tape. This solution avoids the use of a more expensive memory.

Audio level monitoring through the side panel

For easy check of the audio level while shooting, there is a small see-through window on the VTR side panel.

New lens VCL-719BX with “shuttle shot” function

The new lens VCL-719BX for DSR-370K1 package has a unique function called “shuttle shot”, which is well known for BC market.

“Shuttle shot” is a function, which carries out quick zoom to the position set up beforehand. This is very useful for quick framing of near and far.



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