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Stradis HDM500 High Definition MPEG-2 Video Decoder

Professional performance for world-class applications. With a proven history of high quality output, versatility and performance, Stradis has long been the standard-definition MPEG decoder of choice for applications requiring true broadcast quality. Now the new HDM500 High-Definition MPEG-2 Decoder delivers comparable performance in applications requiring High-Definition.

Easy Integration. The Stradis Application Programming interface (API) makes intergrating the HDM500 into video systems fast and easy, and gives applications complete control over all HDM500 functions. The API supports multiple HDM500 decoders in a single computer with synchronized playback across all cards.

Professional Performance. The Stradis HDM500 High-Definition MPEG-2 Decoder decodes MP@HL (4:2:0) video at up to 80 Mbps. It provides continuous, frame-accurate, seamless back-to-back playback of all standard MPEG-2 streams. All popular ATSC-compliant formats are supported: 1920x1080i, 1280x720p, 720x576p, 720x576i, 720x480p and 720x480i.

HDM500 applications include playback from disk for server applications and real-time decoding from a satellite or terrestrial network.

Multiple Video Outputs. The HDM500 High-Definition MPEG-2 Decoder has three video outputs for maximum flexibility. Use the High-Definition Serial Digital Interface (SMPTE 292M) video output and the Digital Visual Interface (DVI) or the analog RGB (or YPbPr) output. It can also display the video image on the computer's VGA monitor (in lower resolution to conserve PCI bus bandwidth).

Key Features

With the HDM500, your MPEG video application can offer:

  • Continuous, seamless back-to-back playback of multiple MPEG streams (which may be in different formats: Transport, Program, System or Elementary streams) in all popular ATSC-compliant formats including 1920x1080i, 1280x720p, 720x576p, 720x576i, 720x480p and 720x480i
  • High-quality conversion of source video to selected display format. Lock the output to one format and all outputs will be in that format, regardless of the source format
  • Frame-accurate, synchronized playback across multiple decoders
  • High-speed, random access and display of any I-Frame in an MPEG file for variable speed reverse and forward play, plus seamless switching to any I-frame of another stream
  • PCR-based clock recovery for 24/7/365 real-time stream reception for continuous decoding of streams received from any common delivery mechanism, including satellite, LAN, and ATM networks
  • Complete control over all HDM500 functions via the API for Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. Applications can access the API via a C interface or by using the __stdcall calling convention
  • API compatibility with all Stradis SDM series standard-definition MPEG Decoders

Additional features for professional MPEG decoding and output:

  • Still picture display from bit-map files with transition effects and simultaneous audio playback for "slide shows"
  • True-color graphics over video or still pictures with keying or indexed color with blending
  • Digital control of video saturation, brightness, contrast, and gamma
  • Genlock (external framelock synchronization) input
  • Hardware Audio/Video synchronization
  • High-Definition Serial Digital Interface (SMPTE 292M) video output with 12 channels of embedded audio
  • 6 AES3 digital audio outputs, may be used as 12 discrete audio channels or 4 may be used as IEC 61937/SMPTE 337M-2000 digital audio outputs to Dolby Digital® (AC-3) or MPEG Multichannel® audio decoders
  • One pair of unbalanced analog audio outputs for monitoring
  • Machine Control via remote connector (9-Pin, RS-422A) can be configured as either "Controller" or "Device"
  • Linear Time Code (LTC) output based on stream time codes or synthesized by the API
  • Letterbox and pan-and-scan options for displaying 16:9 images on a 4:3 display
  • Support for extraction of EIA 608 / EIA 708 closed captions with captions inserted into HD-SDI in accordance with SMPTE 334M
  • API provides three interface levels: RateBuffer, Demux, and File
  • DirectShow® filters for compressed data input to the Stradis decoder
  • SMPTE 302M-2002 support for uncompressed digital audio in the Transport, Program, and System streams
  • Wave file playback and raw PCM audio playback
  • Audio "voice-over" capability allows the application to replace the audio from the main multiplexed stream with another audio stream
  • Virtual streams based on a single, repeated I-Frame that can be seamlessly played back-to-back with other MPEG streams
  • Decryption function for file-based decryption using Stradis-supplied or user-definable algorithms
  • Video capture interface for capturing decoded video output in lower resolution and placing it into PC memory
  • Video image can be displayed on the computer's VGA monitor in lower resolution to conserve PCI bus bandwidth

Stradis HDM500 Decoder Operation Highlights:

  • All decoding takes place in hardware
  • 12-bit Video D/A, 2x oversampled
  • Decodes MPEG audio (up to eight output channels) in parallel with MPEG video
  • Supports SMPTE 302M-2002 uncompressed audio (up to 12 channels)
  • IEC 61937/SMPTE 337M-2000 compressed digital audio output of AC-3 - ATSC A/52 on up to four AES3 outputs
  • VCXO with clock recovery for streams received by satellite, LAN, ATM or any transport delivery mechanism
  • Serial Digital Interface (SMPTE 292M or SMPTE259M-C) video output with up to 12 channels of embedded audio, plus DVI and analog RGB (or YPbPr) outputs

MPEG Streams ISO/IEC 13818 and ISO/IEC 11172 compliant. Accepts ATSC-compliant MPEG-2 Elementary, Packetized Elementary (PES), Transport and Program Streams and MPEG-1 System Streams
MPEG Video Decodes MP@HL (4:2:0) up to 80 Mbps
Digital Bitstream Input Through the PCI bus using bus mastering and burst transfer mode
Digital Video Outputs SMPTE 292M digital video output, with embedded audio - BNC connector
May be optionally configured as SMPTE259M-C when 480i or 576i output formats are selected
DVI (Digital Visual Interface) output via DVI-I Digital/Analog Connector
Analog Video Outputs Can be configured as either SMPTE 274M or 296M (RGB with sync-on-all or YPbPr with sync-on-Y), RGBHV, SPMTE 253M (RGB with sync-on-all), SMPTE 170M NTSC, ITU-R BT.470 PAL or S-Video (Y/C) via DVI-I connector
Digital Audio Output 6 AES-3 outputs, 75 ohms, unbalanced (SMPTE 276M-1995), via DB15-HD connector, 4 may be configured as IEC 61937/SMPTE 337M-2000 Digital audio outputs
Analog Audio Output 1 pair unbalanced audio, via DB15-HD connector or MPC (CD-ROM style) header connector
LTC 2V P-P, 1K ohm, BNC connector with optional SAC014
Machine Control 9-Pin, RS-422A can be configured as either "Controller" or "Device"
Genlock Locks to the H-sync and V-sync, allows variable delay about the H-sync
On-Screen Display Up to 24 bits per pixel or indexed color with blending
Host system requirements Pentium-based PC with an available PCI short card slot conforming to specification revision 2.1 running Windows NT 4.0, or greater, with a VGA display adapter supporting Microsoft® Direct Draw mode. Disk transfer rate may limit the maximum sustained MPEG data rate achievable
Power requirements 3.3v (5 W typical), 5v (1.6 W typical), 12v (1.6 W typical), -12v (0.2 W typical)
Size Standard PCI short card, 6.875 in. (174.63 mm) by 4.2 in. (106.68 mm), less connectors
Regulatory Approvals Pending as of 13 April 2004


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